Video Of Tim McLean's Gruesome Death On The Greyhound Bus At The Hands Of Vince Li

Tim McLean / All That's Interesting

In July 2008, Tim McLean and Vince Li were passengers on the same Greyhound bus in Canada.

McLean, a 22-year-old, was traveling home to Winnipeg, while Li, a 40-year-old schizophrenic with severe delusions, targeted McLean in an unprovoked attack.

On the night of July 30, 2008, Li stabbed the sleeping McLean nearly 60 times, eventually dismembering and cannibalizing him in front of horrified fellow passengers.

It took five hours before the police could intervene and stop Li on Greyhound Canada bus 1170, marking the gruesome death of Tim McLean at the hands of Vince Li.

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