Will Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Last?

This is probably the first time that Travis Kelce is not the famous one in the relationship

It is not as if this is the first time that a football player has dated someone famous. Many would say that it is actually a perk of the job. But everyone is going crazy over one relationship right now – the one between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.
You may not know which team won the Super Bowl last year or even how to bet on football. But there is a very good chance that you now know who Travis Kelce is. We’ll assume that you already knew who Taylor Swift was! Those two dating has been headline news for months and just about broke the internet when news of their relationship broke for the first time.
But will this love last? There have been plenty of high-profile relationships that seemed to be love’s young dream but ended up going the way of the dinosaurs. Everything seems good at the moment for the two lovebirds. But will this be the romance of the century? Will Taylor become Mrs. Kelce? Or, more likely, will Travis become Mr. Swift?
Relationship Timeline
Rumors had been going around for quite a while but it was September 24th – or week three of the regular season for all you football fans out there – that it was confirmed. Taylor Swift was seen at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs teammates take on the Chicago Bears.
Taylor obviously enjoyed the experience so much that she made a trip out to the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey the week after to catch Travis help his team to another win against the New York Jets. Now that’s true devotion shown by Taylor.
Earlier in the year, Travis had apparently plucked up the courage (although he is hardly one to be backward in coming forward) to talk to Taylor at her Era’s Tour Show in Kansas City, Missouri. Unfortunately, he was not able to give her his number, as she doesn’t talk to anyone before or after her show in order to save her voice.
Rumors of the two dating were surfacing at the beginning of September though. Taylor was spotted wearing a necklace with Kelce’s birthstone and stories were coming out saying that the two were “hanging out” but not “officially dating”. But Travis’ brother Jason ramped up the situation in a post-game segment a week later, not giving anything away, but just saying that Travis was “having fun”.
Days before that appearance at the first game, there was confirmation from both Travis and Taylor that the two had been spending a lot of time together but work commitments would probably get in the way. Then Taylor did actually attend that first game – alongside Travis’ mom! After the game was when everyone first got to see the two together in a video as they left Arrowhead Stadium.
Then things got a bit more serious and a dating status was confirmed. The two seemed to be spending a lot of time together, considering she is a world-famous entertainer and he is an athlete playing football every week. Now every Taylor Swift fan suddenly had an interest in football and the Chiefs had a whole new fan base.
By the middle of October, Travis and Taylor had been spotted spending a lot more time together and even spent the weekend in New York at one point, making a surprise appearance on SNL. The couple was seen being very close at the after-party and the paparazzi has not really left them alone since.
With Taylor’s tour moving to Europe in November, the two started spending a lot of time together and were seen at various events, parties, and sports events. All along, Travis has been talking about the relationship on his New Heights podcast to give his perspective of inhabiting a completely different lifestyle – even for an NFL star.
The two were able to spend a little more time together towards the end of November when the Chiefs had a bye week and Taylor was playing shows in Argentina. South America was obviously not too far to go for Travis when he found himself with some downtime from his day job.

One NFL team suddenly has millions of new fans

Latest Developments
At the time of writing, we are getting ready for what is always a big moment in any relationship – the meeting of the parents. Taylor has already hung out with just about everyone in the Kelce brood, of course. Travis, meanwhile, spent some time in Argentina with Taylor’s dad, Scott. Scott was even spotted wearing a Chiefs lanyard – a move that didn’t go down well with his fellow Philadelphia Eagles fans, by the way.
The two teams were scheduled to meet on November 20 and the Swift and Kelce families were also planning to make it a big get-together. With so many documented meetings and messages sent through the media between the two, this relationship is definitely more than just a publicity stunt.
Wedding Bells?
The big question, then, is will we see this romance go the distance? Celebrity relationships are notoriously fickle and if these two split up it would not be the first time that a seemingly strong couple went their separate ways. The pressures of work, fame, and just making a relationship work, have spelled the end of many a potential marriage.
What can be said about Taylor and Travis is that they really seem to be enjoying themselves right now. And that, surely, has to be the main priority. Hopefully, their relationship gets even stronger in the weeks and months ahead. One thing’s for sure, if they do end up getting married – or even just engaged – that internet might just break all over again.
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