Alleged Private Video Of Ducky Bhai's Wife Aroob Jatoi Leaks

Aroob Jatoi / Instagram

Deepfake videos, particularly those crafted for malicious purposes, are a growing concern, with even celebrities and public figures falling victim.

The latest target is Aroob Jatoi, the wife of renowned Pakistani YouTuber Saad ur Rehman, also known as Ducky Bhai.

The dissemination of a deepfake clip featuring Jatoi, a prominent social media influencer, has tarnished her reputation, garnering widespread attention in local media and continuing to trend on various platforms.

In response to the incident, Jatoi took to social media to address the viral video and its impact on her.

Expressing her distress, she highlighted the dark implications of deepfake technology, particularly its potential to violate women's privacy and dignity.

She called for increased awareness of the misuse of such technology and its detrimental effects on individuals' privacy rights.

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