Marvel's Wolverine Gameplay Video Footage And Plot Details Leak

Marvel's Wolverine game / GameLeap

Last week, a ransomware group targeted Insomniac Games, attempting to extort $2 million from Sony after hacking the studio's data.

The leaked information, now public, discloses Insomniac's game lineup until 2032, including key plot details and gameplay footage for the upcoming Wolverine title.

The game, set to release in 2026, features a cast of mutants such as Leech, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Jean Grey.

The leaked footage, though in early stages, showcases Wolverine's abilities resembling Spider-Sense, with scenes of climbing, investigating, riding a motorbike, and combat with claws and a sword.

The plot involves Wolverine and Jean Grey combating Mr. Sinister and Team X to protect innocent mutants, with confrontations against The Reavers and The Hand.

The leak, one of the largest since GTA 6, not only exposes upcoming games but also personal details of employees, leading to the online spread of over one terabyte of stolen information, including passport scans and internal emails.

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