Video Of Luis Rubiales Kissing Jennifer Hermoso On The Lips Goes Viral

Jennifer Hermoso and Luis Rubiales / Sports Illustrated

The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation faced heavy criticism for kissing Jennifer Hermoso on the lips after the Women's World Cup final, where Spain defeated England 1-0.

Luis Rubiales was part of the presentation party at the final in Sydney's Stadium Australia.

Hermoso, who has a record of 51 goals in 101 games for Spain, received a hug and a kiss on the cheek from Rubiales before he kissed her mouth, an act captured in viral footage.

While Hermoso expressed discomfort, a statement from the Royal Spanish Football Federation defended the gesture as a "natural gesture of affection."

Spain's government minister for equality, Irene Montero, considered the act as a form of daily sexual violence against women and criticized Rubiales.

The incident sparked a trending hashtag "dimision ya" (resign now) on Twitter, leading to Rubiales posting an apology video on social media, acknowledging the inappropriateness of the incident.

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